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$19,000.00 (Fixed)

Centurion Visoin System

  • Centurion Visoin System
Price : $19,000.00 (Fixed)
Type : Sell
Date : July 15, 2023
Condition : New
Warranty : Yes
Location : 40810 County Center Dr, Temecula, CA 92591, USA

The new Centurion Vision System is the only intelligent phacoemulsifier technology that optimizes every moment of the cataract surgical procedure. The new system automatically and continuously adapts to changing conditions within the eye, provides greater anterior chamber stability during each step of the surgery, and places optimized energy technology at the surgeon’s fingertips through enhanced fluidic management and surgical precision. It also allows the surgeon to emulsify and aspirate the lens in the the eye, while replacing aspirated fluid and lens material with balanced controls, the surgeon regulates the amount of power applied to the handpiece tip, the rate of aspiration, vacuum, and the flow of BSS irrigating solution. The CENTURION System also sets a new standard of performance in cataract surgery by combining multiple intelligent phaco technologies, and other key features, including:
Active Fluidics  Technology
An automated system that optimizes anterior chamber stability by allowing surgeons to proactively set and maintain target intraocular pressure (IOP) within the eye during the cataract removal procedure. This provides enhanced IOP control during the procedure in comparison to gravity fluidics and fixed pressure irrigation; reduces surges due to occlusion breaks; increases IOP efficiency at lower, more natural settings; and eliminates the need to manually  adjust fluid pressure.
Control and responsiveness
    Target IOP
    Irrigation factor
    Patient eye level (PEL)
    IOP Ramp
System Responsiveness: Throughout the procedure, the system works to:
    Maintain surgeon-selected IOP
    Rapidly monitor flow rate, irrigation
    pressure, vacuum and other metrics
    Detect and dynamically compensate
    for changes in the fluidic environment

Streamlined FMS for smooth I/A control: The FMS is designed for smooth fluid movement and vacuum rise, so the surgeon is able to focus more on the cataract removal procedure and less on managing the phaco system.
Innovative irrigation for optimized responsiveness: Active Fluidics™ technology quickly detects fluidics change during the cataract removal procedure and dynamically compensates to maintain surgeon-selected target IOP. The Active Fluidics™ bag fits into a compartment between two plates. These plates can rapidly compress or decompress fluid in the Active Fluidics bag to maintain surgeon-selected target IOP.
Innovative CENTURION Vision System software: The CENTURION Vision System accommodates a wide range of surgeon settings. Both the aspiration rate and vacuum limit can be set for increased control, cataract removal efficiency and procedural balance.
Balanced Energy  Technology
Enhances phacoemulsification efficiency through proven OZil Intelligent Phaco and the INTREPID  Balanced Tip probe. This increases efficiency and control, while reducing energy levels, and accommodating surgeon settings for aspiration and vacuum by keeping the fragmented lens material at the shearing plane for emulsification.
OZil Intelligent Phaco (IP): OZil: Intelligent Phaco (IP) optimizes followability and minimizes occlusion break surge
Innovative CENTURION Vision System Software: The CENTURION Vision System accommodates a wide range of surgeon settings. Both the aspiration rate and vacuum limit can be set for increased control, cataract removal efficiency and procedural balance.
Applied Integration
An innovative design that enables the new system to be seamlessly integrated with multiple cataract surgical technologies, like Alcon’s LuxOR Surgical Microscopes with Q-VUE  3-D assistant and the LenSx  Laser to create a comprehensive cataract surgery suite designed to minimize variability at every step of the procedure. The Centurion also offers an improved ergonomic design, wireless footswitch and intuitive touch-screen display.
Applied Integration-Optimized OR versatility: The CENTURION Vision System is a fully upgradable platform, designed to adapt quickly to new technologies as well as to work with current and upcoming systems, such as:
    Centurion Ozil Handpiece
    INTREPID Irrigation Sleeves
    Centurion FMS
    INTREPID® AutoSert IOL Injector
    VERION™ Image Guided System
    LenSx Laser
    LuxOR LX3 with Q-VUE Ophthalmic Microscope

This Alcon Centurion Vision System comes equipped with:
    Two Centurion Ozil hand pieces
    Latest revision and operation software
    One year warranty
    Operator’s manual
    Wireless foot pedal
    Dust cover
price is set at 19000

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