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Safety Tips

HollySale Safety Tips

Please be aware and be cautioned that there is always some news circulating worldwide regarding misuse of various online platforms and spam advertisements, HollySale encourages all its users to report any fake profiles and spam Ads so that we may remove and block them. 

– Users have the option to block users that are spamming or abusive or violating our Terms of Service. HollySale Users can block other users and seller profiles by choosing block user option below the Ads and to report misleading profiles please report us at, We shall block the inappropriate user profiles from our system if we receive user complaints, alternatively users can immediately block profile that is found violating by manually choosing block user below the Ads.

– Your safety is your responsibility so, always consider all safety options before engaging with and responding to traders and Item Dealers, do not disclose your personal information or financial information with anyone on

– Always remember that is just a free classified advertisement platform, and and all its partner sites and apps do not interfere between trades or deals or conflicts taking place between the advertisers and users and platform visitors and sellers and buyers, and do not facilitate trades, transfer, delivery, shipping, transactions, claims, shipments, or trade-related issues, do not facilitate, collect, receive or send any transactions, cash, money, credits, due credits, payments, deferred payments or any type of transactions or purchases on behalf of the users or platform visitors or buyers or sellers or advertisers on our platform.

– Always consider safety first and safe public places to trade items and goods .e.g Nearby Police Station, Safe public places.

– It is a good practice and better to take someone responsible and caring (.i.e Your Guardians, well-trusted friends or an adult or elder person from family members, Caretakers) with you while trading goods.

– If you are going out for trading goods and meeting the traders then it is a good practice for safety that you always inform where you are going and what you are doing to your Caretakers and someone from trusted family members and trusted good friends.

– It is a good practice for safety to consult and take advice from Your Guardians or Caretakers before you proceed and engage in trading and trade-related activities.

– It is good practice and better to take your mobile phone with you for safety and emergency related issues.

– Use your Common Sense always and do not compromise on your safety.

– Ask Detailed Question Regarding Product, Only Deal Locally, Don’t take a large sum of money to buy or sell the item.

– Inspect and verify completely the property, and product documentation, and Ownership in person only, and do not reveal and share your private, crucial, and important documents online, no matter how much the seller or buyer insists.

– Use simple and trusted payment methods if buying from a shared link for an online store, avoid insecure services and payment transfers companies that do not have secure receivers such as to avoid “Western Union” or “Any similar money transfer company”.

– Always consider trading goods in person by fully inspecting the item, do not take a large sum of cash to trade in person.

– For any kind of property or properties like real estates, cars, bikes, or homes always involve a legal company or state authority which deals with such kind of properties and transfer of these properties and their ownership.

– Never send copies of your documents, personal data, and most importantly financial information, never share your sensitive information.

– Do not deal with traders who constantly change the meeting place, or call from different phone numbers.

– Do not deal with traders who want to trade goods in a more private or abandoned place or a less secure area.

– Do not trade, if you have any kind of suspicion of trader. Safety and commonsense are always needed.

– If the trader is waiting for you in a car and insists you come near to evaluate the item then, ask him to come out and meet in the safe and open public place to trade goods, Do not go near the car, and always protect yourself first.

– Trust your instincts, consider having friends with you to trade, even if you are trading in the safest place. be very careful when dealing with the high-value items, do not meet in a secluded place, and never invite strangers into your home, insist on meeting in very crowded, and safe public places, near police stations or places where security is in place, like the shopping centers, and always carry a mobile phone for emergencies.

– Only accept and do payments from a very trustful and secured payment processor or e-commerce platform, that gives money back or refund guarantee with safe money management policies and well-known reputation and brand image.

– Never wire money, or other personal documents, especially outside the country, never pay the half, partial, or full payments online for processing your items, visa, or anything else.

– Never Accept checks for accepting and sending payments for the trade of goods and services and their transactions, as there are thousands of fake and counterfeit check frauds taking place according to various news.

– Never accept any kind of checks or mailed checks for the payments of goods and services no matter how much the trader insists. There is countless check fraud being reported by news channels worldwide.

– Never accept any kind of monetary instrument notes, bank checks, banking instruments, mailed checks, mailed paper money, mailed credit or debit cards, mailed bank cards, or any other form of checks, paper credits, Paper money, financial credit instruments, money cards, gift cards, bank cards, company cards, balance cards, balance instruments, balance notes, or mailed paper money or mailed credit instruments or mailed balance instrument notes, for trading goods with dealers you met online.

– Never pay fees for any product or services that require payments for processing any kind of item, product, property, job application, or travel visa, etc. Especially be aware that It is illegal to pay for job applications requested by the recruiters.

– Be careful and stay always alerted, and do not deal with traders using suspicious emails from strange website domain names, and ad posts with grammar mistakes, and job posts with high salaries. Look for authenticity by researching the company and product and services, read reviews, check official websites associated with companies, and cross-check the information send to you, remember that many criminals also create lookalike websites and online portfolios, so watch out.

– If buying from an e-commerce store then look for customer reviews, company information, and trustworthiness.

– Regarding the delivery, prefer a very reputable and trackable postage service to check the item’s journey from 1 destination to another, with tracking code and confirmations of delivery and with the booking of delivery.

– Avoid items that seem too good to be true, as they can be bait from criminals, Ask for more evidence regarding the offer, and if the seller refuses to provide sensible answers then avoiding contact with such a person. Many Criminals steal items and they tend to sell to others at unbelievable prices.

– Analyze the trader’s characteristics and appearance, does he has cringy, violent, strange, or weird profile pics, strange name, strange email or strange username or not, if the person seems unrealistic or fake or the seller seems to be a gangster type or if revealing gangster lifestyle, piles of cash, an abundance of cash, or seems like a heavy smoker or drug abuser than avoid contact immediately, and block and report such users.

– Avoid traders who insist you share personal or private and sensitive information regarding your full name, age, bank account, residential information, family member or school or college, occupational information, and most importantly financial information.

– No matter how much the seller insists, never send an advance, half, partial or full payment, and never use your debit card to pay someone that you have never met and trusted, especially never before completely inspecting the item and meeting the person in real.

– Never buy an item indirectly in any way, do no engage with sellers, who act as an intermediary agent, or acting on behalf of someone. Always deal with direct selling owners.

– Pay attention to the details, if the price is undervalued and unrealistic then avoid it completely. Avoid sellers who cannot sell you the item in person or cannot do cash on delivery (COD). Even if the item is being bought or sold on Cash on Delivery (COD) then always be careful and follow all safety tips mentioned above, do not compromise on your safety and use commonsense always and take all safety measures.

– When trading or dealing with all types of goods and items and services in which genuineness, authenticity, and the price is a concern, such as any new or used goods, originals, unique, antiques, priceless, precious or high-priced or high-value goods and items and services, then always pre-consult with a legal professional entity that is reputable, trustworthy, and that which can honestly inspect or provide quality check reports and valuation of the goods and items and services and their estimated value, demand and price, and distinguish between authentic original or counterfeit or duplicate items and goods and services, if you could not find such legal, reputable, trustworthy and honest entity that can provide such investigations, inspections, and quality checks and assurances, then completely avoid the trading or dealing of such concerned goods and items and services.

– Do not act bravely, thinking that there might be no harm doing trade with anyone, as there are always worst-case scenarios being reported everywhere in the world. The modern internet world is full of spammers and criminals looking for their next victim, be wise, trade safely.

– If you can buy the same or same type of item from a trustworthy local store by spending a few extra sums of money then buy from the reputable and safe store instead of buying them used from someone or some stranger to save little money.

– We do advertisement moderation does not mean that the posted ads are error-free, spam-free, or trustworthy, our ad moderation is limited to the appropriateness of the advertisements like proper ad title, description, and image only, we do not take any responsibility for the trustworthiness, accurateness, and genuineness of the advertisements, however, we ban and remove the ads that seem to violate our ad policies, but we cannot ensure which advertisement or users are trustworthy or not, and for that reason, the user’s discretion and due diligence are required. wishes you a safe and sound trade and exchange of goods.

Please read our full terms and conditions, privacy policies and guideline, and safety tips to learn the right conduct of use.