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Guideline Guidelines for Users 

These Guide Lines includes important terms and condition for All Users, Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

Prohibited items Guide Line

All the following items and mentioned are prohibited.

Adult Content

Sexual Content or sexual theme items, adult toys, items representing nudity or Sexual Contents, pornography are not allowed.

Abusive Content and harmful content

Animals and Animal trades and Animal Skin and Bones.

Animal Food Products

Drugs & Alcohol and alcoholic products.

Supplements, Prescription drugs or medical Devices.

All types of Product and services involved in Commercial Chemicals, Powders and Oil and Gas products for Example Formic Acid and Sodium Formate or Commercial Oil and Gas and Lubricants, grease and tarnishing products or any kind of chemicals and powder products and solutions which are restricted by human use and are harmful for human use and requires special permissions from local authorities and are used for commercial activities only.

All types of Cigarettes & smoking products, Tobacco

All types of Medicines

All Food and Drinking Items and baby Food and Formula and All Catering Services.

Personal or professional Services, Service Banners, and Ads and medical services, that are illegal, and of dangerous nature and unlawful.

Spam, spamming, spammers.

All types of Weapons, Firearms, Ammunition, and other Dangerous Items.

Illegal Drugs

Financial Services ( Tax Filing and insurance, preparation, loans and credit scoring)

Personal or Legal Services (Will Preparation, Debt Collection, legal Advice), Professional Services.

Escort Services, Companionship, Matchmaking, Dating Contents.

Any kind of Massage Services and Content.

All types of Illegal Services.

Job Postings of Illegal types.

Used Cosmetics and body products and dermatology medicines.

Listing of all types of Undergarments and Lingeries.

Gambling Content and Items.

All types of Currencies.


Human nails, human hairs or anything which belongs to the human body.

Listing of Item(s) and Product(s) which has a bad presentation and inappropriate images and graphics.

Prohibited Use and Prohibited items

Any Kind of Communication which is abusive or intended to intimidate, threaten and harass or disturb other users and all those items that support Violence or provide hate speech is not allowed.

All those items that are intended for Violence are not allowed.

All those items which are not yours are not allowed to be advertised on

Selling and advertising of any kind of stolen or counterfeit goods are not allowed.

Selling and advertising of any personal goods without their consent is not allowed.

Non-transferable items and stocks and security and Cash Money, Checks and Banking products are not allowed.

Posting Content or messages that are fraudulent, illegal and violate the law are not allowed.

Posting contents or messages that violate the right of privacy and publicity are not allowed.

Using for any illegal and unlawful and fraudulent purposes is not allowed.

Publishing Hacking Tools and All types of Viruses and virus software(s) are not allowed.

Reverse Engineering, Reproducing, Decompiling and modifying, distributing Software is not allowed.

Repeated listings of the same item(s) or product(s).

Mass messaging sent without the real intent of buying or selling of items on are not allowed

Posting your pictures as a listing is not allowed.

Posting random and personal pictures is not allowed and will be considered as spam.

Using different product names and descriptions in listings than the actual name of the product or item.

Posting or listing different items or products than listing names used.

Posting items in different categories instead of the real category of an item is not allowed.

Posting inappropriate cover pics and display pics are not allowed and users will be banned forever.

Posting and listing bad quality images and graphics of product(s) and Item(s) are not allowed and are considered as spam and will be removed.

Besides, the mentioned the may remove any content or item which is found harmful or inappropriate or any which wants to remove from their Site and App.

HollySale Safety Tips

Please be aware and be cautioned that there is always some news circulating worldwide regarding misuse of various online platforms and spam advertisements, HollySale encourages all its users to report any fake profiles and spam Ads so that we may remove and block them. 

Users have the option to block users that are spamming or abusive or violating our Terms of Service. HollySale Users can block other users and seller profiles by choosing block user option below the Ads and to report misleading profiles please report us at, We shall block the inappropriate user profiles from our system if we receive user complaints, alternatively users can immediately block profile that is found violating by manually choosing block user below the Ads.

Your safety is your responsibility so, always consider all safety options before engaging with and responding to traders and Item Dealers, do not disclose your personal information or financial information with anyone on

Always consider safety first and safe public places to trade items and goods .e.g Nearby Police Station, Safe public places.

It is a good practice and better to take someone responsible and caring (.i.e Your Guardians, well-trusted friends or an adult or elder person from family members, Caretakers) with you while trading goods.

If you are going out for trading goods and meeting the traders then it is a good practice for safety that you always inform where you are going and what you are doing to your Caretakers and someone from trusted family members and trusted good friends.

It is a good practice for safety to consult and take advice from Your Guardians or Caretakers before you proceed and engage in trading and trade-related activities.

It is good practice and better to take your mobile phone with you for safety and emergency related issues.

Use your Common Sense always and do not compromise on your safety. wishes you a safe and sound trade and exchange of goods