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$1,637.00 (Fixed)

Canon Marine Capsule A .complete set with camera

  • Canon Marine Capsule A .complete set with camera
Price : $1,637.00 (Fixed)
Type : Sell
Date : January 4, 2022
Condition : Used
Warranty : Yes
Location : 1208 Monroe St, Denver, CO 80206

The canon Marine capsule is designed for using a Canon A-1, AE-1 or AT-1 SLR camera underwater to a depth of about sixty meters. It has  external controls for shutter speed, aperture and focusing. Three different housings are available so that this outstandingly versatile , watertight accessory may be used with more than 30 FD lenses. Its special , high – quality features will assure that your camera is safe from the elements , leaving you free to record the underwater vistas.

This underwater housing is a extremely rare Canon item and very hard to find. Only a few made.


Usable Cameras: Canon A-1 , AE-1 , or AT-1 with power-winder A.

Usable lenses : Aperture ring adapters MCA and focus adapter MCA adapt different FD lenses to marine capsule.

Shooting range : To maximum of about 60mm below water surface. The maximum water pressure at which it remains waterproof is 7kg/ cm.

Finder : Detachable Pick-up Finder 0,4x magnification.

Focusing : By external knob coupled to lens’ aperture ring by adapter.

Aperture control : By external lever coupled to lens aperture ring by adapter.

Grip : Adjustable from straight down to 90° upwards. Automatically locks in those 2  positions.

Underwater flash: Usable on the flash attachment adapter. Synchro Socket Contact for Nikon Nikonos II type. Dual flash possible if they have the same polarity.

Waterproofing : Removable parts of housing are tightly sealed shut by O-rings.

Front Housings: Three types available : one for FD 15mm f/2.8 lens, one for specific FD wide-angle and standard lenses and one for specific FD telephoto lenses.

Adjustment lens : Conon close-up lens 240 when using front housing S.

Dimensions: 226mm x 195mm.

Weight : 5 kg.

This set contains the following:

Underwater housing A complete with extra grip for use with Flash.

Front housing MCA-S

Canon AE-1 with 28mm F2.8 lens and Power winder A.

Sea-Flash underwater flash unit with rods, cable and charger.

Set of O-rings.




The underwater housing is complete and working, all the handles and levers work OK.

The outside edge has some marks from the flash clamp.

We cannot guaranty that its watertight , We have checked all the working parts and when necessary replaced. The seals have to be checked.

The flash unit works ( still) the charger is on 220 volts.

The camera AE-1 and winder are in good working order.

The lens 28mm F2.8 FD is fine.

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