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App Permissions

Smartphone users always have a concern regarding app permissions so we would like to give clarity about HollySale App’s required permissions.

HollySale App only requires the app permissions to make the app work on smartphones and nothing else, the use of app permission is explained below.

Location Permission: is required to make users share their map location when advertising, HollySale do not trace user location if they allow the location permission as it is only used for sharing map location to other users. 

Phone/Call: is required to enable users to call ad posters directly and nothing else, we cannot interfere with your phone calls, call history or anything related to your phone calls except allowing the app to enable quick call option to users.

Photos/Media/Files: is only required to make the app image upload feature work, for example, ad posters can choose and select their item pictures from the phone gallery and upload them to post them. We cannot access, get or see any of your photos or media files, as this permission is only to make the select picture feature work.

Storage: is required so that the app can access the phone photos and media only, we cannot access your storage and this permission is only required to make the select photos and media feature work.

Camera: is required only to enable the user to take a fresh and direct pic of their items for sale and nothing else, we cannot access your camera and we cannot take pictures or record from your camera as this permission is only to enable app’s take pic feature for ad posting.

Wi-Fi connection information: is required to make app guess the connection to internet/wifi and recognize if the status of wifi is on or off or is user phone is connected to wifi or not to make the app work and load, we cannot access your internet/wifi history or any use of your browsing or data transmittal information and do not know anything about your wifi connection as this permission is only required to make internet/wifi connect feature work to load app over wifi. It may also be used to learn about your isp or carrier if we have enabled third-party analytic code to learn more about user demographics and this information is collected and displayed from aggregate users and does not give us ability to directly or individually know any specific user by their name or history or any information related to specific users as the information collected is only regarding user session activity to learn the aggregates from each visitor sessions. To learn more read our privacy policy.

Device ID & call information: is only required for in-app third-party SDK or advertisements and to make the call feature work. We get device information as a piece of user-session information via third party analytics and we do not know which device has which named user or what is their call or SMS history. Google may collect this information via SDK installed on the app to make the app work with google play services. This permission is only required to make the third-party advertisements work and call now feature work and also may be required by in-app libraries or different SDK components to work properly, call information may also be used for user verification for registration purposes. To learn about third-party services and advertisement please read our privacy policy.


  • receive data from the Internet: is used to load app data from HollySale site to app.
  • View network connections: to connect app over the internet to load app
  • full network access: to connect to the internet and make the app work over your internet connection. We cannot access your network or any device connected to your network and do not know anything about your network.
  • control vibration: To allow your phone to show you notification or alerts or push notifications
  • prevent the device from sleeping: is required to make your phone not sleep if you have settings to make it not sleep if the app is currently running.

we are sharing this to let the users know why HollySale App asks for permissions.