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$150,000.00 (Negotiable)

Need A buyer for my land

  • Need A buyer for my land
Price : $150,000.00 (Negotiable)
Type : Sell
Date : August 9, 2020
Condition : New
Warranty : Yes
Location : Sacramento, CA, USA

I have two parcels of prime land right off the I-80 freeway in the Natomas area of Sacramento. Each parcel is 40 acres for a total of 80 acres combined. I’m willing to sell or trade one of the parcels at a huge discount. I can also provide you an option on the land as owner-financing to carry the majority of the cost for you. And I may possibly be willing to sell, trade or option the entire 80 acres if you’re interested in a larger amount of land.

The development is called ‘Upper Westside LLC’ and is designed to be the premier benchmark development in Sacramento. The executive in charge of Upper Westside LLC is Mr. Robert Thomas (who was formerly the City Manager for the City of Sacramento) and is backed by a very strong team of professionals who have tremendous expertise in establishing these types of developments.

The initiation of the Master Plan process for Upper Westside was approved and granted unanimously on 2/26/19 by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors at an open public agenda meeting. I’ve included an image of one of the maps from the development team and I put a red line border around my 2 parcels showing my 80 acres. My two parcels are key prime parcels to the entire development. When you look at the map, you’ll see that see my 80 acres contain some of the best variety of development of the whole project. Here’s what the map shows for my parcels:

1) Commercial & Retail

2) Housing – Very High Density Residential

3) Housing – High Density Residential

4) Housing – Medium Density Residential

A portion of the Upper Westside development will be modeled like some of the retail shopping district of the prestigious Santana Row area of San Jose (see the image I attached). They are also planning an elaborate shopping experience using the Bricktown Canal concept in Oklahoma City and the Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX (where there is a beautiful waterway canal in the shopping district with small gondola boats that take you throughout the shopping area) – see the images I included. Upper Westside is destined to be the premier residential and retail development destination center in the entire Sacramento region.

The main street for entering and exiting the Upper Westside development is called West El Camino Ave. The map shows that each of my two parcels are in prime position and will have frontage on each side of West El Camino Ave.

Major freeway access is already there – my land is right off the I-80 freeway (West El Camino Ave exit). We also have an I-5 exit about 2 minutes away on W. El Camino – so there are two major freeways that exit into this development (I-80 and I-5). We’re just 5 minutes from the center of Downtown Sacramento and the Golden 1 Kings arena.

Completed developments and buildings are already built out across the street from me and all around my land (buildings such as fast food; hotel; restaurants; gas stations; driving range; storage; residential home tracts; and more).

There is a small portion of entitled land across the street from my land that is currently selling for over $720,000 per acre. I am willing to sell or trade one of my parcels right now for less than half that amount at only $150k per acre while we’re in the process of completing the entitlements. We are currently in stage 3 of the entitlement process and there are only 4 stages total. Upper Westside LLC is moving very fast with the entitlements!

We also had a BPO price evaluation assessment performed by Keller Williams Realty on my land validating the price values (I can email you the full multi-page Keller Williams Realty BPO document upon request). But once the entitlements are in, the price for my land will go through the roof and I will be listing and selling my remaining land for $700k (or more) per acre at that time. So this is a great time for you to buy now at this lower price and then sell at the higher price once the entitlements are in!

The only reason that I’m willing to sell some of the land now at such a discounted price (instead of just waiting until the entitlements and zoning process is completed) is because the land is held in a family Trust (which I am sole Trustee of) and some of my older family members that are beneficiaries have some immediate financial needs. So our loss is your gain. This is the perfect opportunity for you to purchase land at a low price that will explode in value once the entitlement rezoning is finished.

This rare opportunity is very unique and exciting and may only happen once in a lifetime. If you’re a speculator, home-builder, developer or business minded person that is searching for something that has incredible upside potential, then this can be the perfect deal for you.

Contact me today for more details about this very special opportunity – just ask for the ‘Upper Westside packet’ and I’ll email you the info. Call now to see if this might be something that fits what you’re looking for.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

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